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A community for introverts to not only learn and self-educate but to connect and relate to others who often feel alienated.

This is a space where we will share ideas, knowledge and fascinating topics in relation to all things growth, health and wealth – all with the introvert in mind.

Empowering introverts to be the absolute best versions of themselves in all aspects of life.

The mission is to create a nation of “aliens” just like myself – an Alien Nation!

I know what it’s like to feel like an out of place “alien”…

I am sure that we can all relate to the feeling of not fitting in someplace. As an introvert myself (INFJ), this has not been a feeling that comes and goes, but rather a constant throughout my life.

Understandably it has to do with my personality type, but if I am being honest, it largely stems from the fact that I never really had a real idea who I was #truthbomb.

For too long I believed that spending time on yourself, even within yourself, would be deemed as selfish behaviour. Guess I bought into some of the world’s dogma. I was also too scared to start that journey because I was afraid I wouldn’t like what I would find.

So life took me on many adventures and throughout it all, I never felt like I fit in anywhere, feeling strange and “alien” like.

The bumpy road to a true growth mindset

I reached a point in my life when I simply could not continue this disembodied lifestyle. I had external success and all would seem well to the world, but internally I was drowning. I was living with depression, well still do, but it had turned into a dark spell I couldn’t break free from. I had to find a way to change my inner world.

Even though I have always loved learning, I never took the time to learn my own mind and personality type. So I read book after book – because books are awesome! I read books on psychology, finance, philosophy and everything in between pertaining to growth and mental health. Though reading was instrumental for change in my life, it didn’t make any difference until I took action on what I learnt. Herein lies the difficult part.

So I started small, which is the antithesis of my personality which wants to do everything all at once and at a thousand percent. I had to apply what I had learnt and trust the process. I started making changes in my daily life building healthy habits of all shapes and sizes, day by day, month by month. These habits included mindfulness practices and diligent work on getting to know myself.

Inspiration strikes

During this time of slow progress of self-discovery, as luck would have it I met two fellow INFJs and things just “clicked”. Not only did I start to understand who I was, but most importantly I learnt that I wasn’t alone in those feelings. I realised that there are so many people like us out there hungry for conversation, understanding and a sense of belonging. I realised that even though we crave connection like any human beings, due to our personalities, introverts are often deprived of connection on a larger scale.

A dream to connect and empower

And so while I am still a work in progress every single day, the biggest joy in my life is when I get to share what I have learnt. Especially things that have had a positive impact on my own life. My hope is to create a space where we can share knowledge, have invigorating conversations and truly connect with one another.

So let us share, learn, connect and be well-rounded human beings.

– EstΓ© (eternal-work-in-progress)


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